• Regular site maintenance.
  • Additions, Subtractions & Changes.
  • Email management.
  • Domain management.
  • Necessary security updates.
  • Evolving SEO strategies.
  • Site speed - regular updates.
  • Potential site crash.

Website Management

Website Management

It all starts with the website. Your website is an extension of your company. If your website looks bad - YOU look bad. And if you look bad, your competition looks better because of it. Don't help your competitors gain an unearned advantage.

JvCreativity's website management is here to help. We will make sure your web content remains fresh at all times with regular updates, additions and subtractions. Our website services will make sure your pages load quickly across multiple screens and sparkle with professionally designed graphics to help you stand out.

Our website monitoring will also make sure your website is always up and live suffering no down time and all plug-ins are up to date and do not pose a security threat to your website.

Domain and email management are also included in our website management services. From signatures to renewals, your online presence is in our hands. Rest easy that any change you may need is just a phone call away.

Did You Know?

  • time is of the essence? If a web page takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of all web visitors will stop waiting for the rest of the page to load and most likely visit a competitor. 1
  • people take how you manage your website personal to them? Almost half of all web users (48%) believe that a business simply does not care about them (the consumer) if their website fails to work properly on their mobie device(s). 2
  • 20% of website owners openly admit they have been hacked because they failed to update their own web software or plugins? 3
  • a staggering 19% of business owners - who actually have a website - have no idea what CMS or platform their website is presently on. (Nineteen Percent?!) 4





website management, website monitoring, custom web content, website services and website management services represent just a portion of the digital marketing services that JvCreativity offers.

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