• Most importantly, it is mobile friendly.
  • SEO - mobile friendly tags now included in search results.
  • The need to adapt - more than 230 screen resolutions.
  • No need for multiple sites - url remains the same.
  • Will save you money.
  • Trust me - your competitors are doing it!
  • Consumers are beginning to expect that you will have one.
  • Lower bounce rates.

Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

There are a lot of statistics floating around the internet right now in regards to responsive websites, but the one that is the most shocking and really makes one realize the absolute need to have a responsive site is this one: Presently, there are more than 230 unique screen resolutions that your website can be viewed on. Stop for a moment and think about that. Two hundred and thirty! Is your website able to display properly on all of them?

So, what is a responsive website and what are the benefits?
Responsive websites are a beautiful form of modern web design that are able to adapt to their viewing environment and are able to display properly across a wide range of devices. Not to be confused with adaptive web design, a responsive site is completely flexible and fluid and can alter the presentation of a web page by simply rotating the display.

Responsive websites reduce the need and cost for maintenance as there is no longer a need for a separate mobile site or a tablet site. Consumers have quickly adapted to using responsive websites and expect that your business will have one as well. At least 90% of web users use multiple screens daily. If you haven't already, the time is now to respond.

Did You Know?

  • how hard it has become for web designers to do their job when there are presently MORE THAN 230 'unique' screen resolutions that each website has to look good on? (seriously, 230!) 1
  • at least 90% of web users use multiple screens or devices in some sequential order before finalizing an online purchase"? 2
  • how many times the average U.S. citizen checks their phone, whether for a phone call, text message, email or something else throughout the course of a day? Try 150 (or every six and a half minutes!) 3
  • enjoying an increase in sales is as easy as saying 'Go Responsive'? 62% of brand websites who targeted a more mobile friendly web experience have enjoyed that much more business. 4
  • if the average consumer searches for and finds a local business online with their smartphone, there is a 90% chance that they will either visit that business in person or become the latest shopping conversion?5
  • 25% of all internet users ONLY access the web on a mobile device?6








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