• Long term strategy - not a quick fix
  • Rise of mobile increases the need for good search results.
  • Trust me - Your competition is doing it right now!
  • Affordable SEO is cost effective - an investment.
  • What''s important to search is important to visitors.
  • Drastic increase in sales.
  • Difficult to compete if you do not appear in local results.
  • Additional opportunities for branding company.

Professional SEO Services

Professional SEO Services

The reasons for implementing professional seo services have always been obvious and worth every penny of the investment. When 70% of all search engine searches result on a click to a non-sponsored link, there is no greater reason to own page one. But it is the rise of mobile that has become so prominent today that has made local SEO services an even bigger reason.

Google and their evolving algorithms have made SEO management a necessity for any website to survive organically as local search engine optimization is one of the leading sources of traffic on the web today with 50% of all searches considered local searches and 60% of those searches including a town or a city.

JvCreativity's affordable SEO packages will also make sure your website is mobile friendly and fast enough as Google has made this a requirement for ranking higher as well. As a matter of fact, there are now over 200 ranking factors that Google takes into consideration before ranking your website. To find out more, contact us for a free evaluation.

Did You Know?

  • when the average internet user conducts a search on a search engine, 70% of the time they will click on a non-sponsored, organic link? 1
  • Google alone is responsible for more than 100 billion searches per month? If a search term were equivalent to one penny, then we could create a stack of pennies 87,000 MILES high. 2
  • before you came online to read this, chances are you started your session with some kind of search. 93% of the time this is true. 3
  • only 25% of users ever reach the second page of results for any search attempted? 4
  • the close rate for an SEO lead is an eye-popping 14.6%. That's EIGHT and a HALF times higher than any lead acquired via direct mail or print (1.7%)5







professional seo services, local seo services, affordable seo, seo management and local search engine optimization represent just a portion of the digital marketing services that JvCreativity offers.
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