• Increase in business = more revenue!
  • The original intent of having a website.
  • Networking and connecting with prospective clients.
  • Think Nurture - let the relationship evolve.
  • Big Data/Your Data - Build profiles and target.
  • Cold calling is dead and direct mail is too expensive.
  • Great short term and long term investment.
  • There''s more than one way to generate that lead.
Online Lead Generation
Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation

For most, generating new business through their website is the primary reason why there is a website at all. As the internet has grown, the path to ones website has become more difficult to complete with detours such as social media sites, online gaming, viral videos, photo sharing, email, mobile apps, shopping sites and of course, that pesky competition steering customers away. Online lead generation has certainly evolved but instead of looking at these detours as obstacles, they should be considered opportunities. Opportunities to build relationships with your potential clients.

Potential Business is the new motto in online lead generation as lead nurturing has taken this method to the forefront of change thanks to social media. Lead nurturing is a much slower process than traditional lead gen that centers around building trust and making relationships with potential clients. Regular, personal communication is the modern day form of branding as once your client is ready to buy, the hope is that they will buy from their nurturing friend.

Yes, B2B lead generation has become much more scientific and crafted than simply getting someone's email address. Lead scoring and lead tracking now provide enough analytical data and profiling to study that depending on how your company is set up, is more than likely best handled by a company offering professional lead generating services, but as far as a long term investment goes, there are not many ways that are better for word of mouth and reputation as this.

Did You Know?

  • 'qualified leads' generated from a website, become a new customer or client 7.5% of the time on average? 1
  • early birds really do get the worm? You are ONE HUNDRED times more likely to connect personally with a prospective lead if they are contacted within five minutes of inquiry. 2
  • the chances of converting an inquiry to a final sale are as high as 50% for the company who responds first? 3
  • people love a good case study? The most effective method for generating leads are through the use of Case Studies? 4
  • blogging anywhere from 16 to 20 times per month will likely increase your leads by THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT of a competing company who doesn't blog at all? 5








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