• Extremely time consuming and labor intensive.
  • Brand Visibility - more chances to be discovered.
  • 50% of mobile searches are local searches.
  • Legitimacy - solidify your web presence.
  • Accuracy - important to stay up to date.
  • Monitor your citations.
  • SEO value.

Local Listing Management

Local Listing Management

Having your business listed in an online directory or local business directory could very well be one of the most important places your company's identity exists, but amazingly enough, it is also one of the most neglected of all places as well. An eye-popping 49% of small business owners who actually DO have a listing in at least one online business directory have never updated their own listing. That's an incredible statistic to wrap your head around.

Business listing sites can be very time consuming and labor intensive, yet extremely rewarding when maintained correctly. Completing a directory submission at just one local business directory can take a few hours to get it right and there are multiple sites that consumers use regularly. Most business owners just don't feel the time and labor spent in managing their local listings are truly worth it. That explains why 70% of small business owners say that time is the main reason they don't do it at all.

Would that 70% number get any smaller if more business owners knew that 70% of all online searches are looking for local business? How can any business be found if incorrect or outdated information are displayed as results, or worse, they don't exist at all

How much lower would that number drop if more business owners were aware that 60% of all online searches will include a town or city? Think they would find a way to remain current and legitimate if they knew having accurate information posted in an online directory will increase their websites SEO? Or that half of all mobile searches are searches made with local intent?

Did You Know?

  • almost half of all small business owners (49%) who have a registered listing in an online directory have never updated their own information?1
  • when searching locally, 60% of all searches will include either a town or a city name in that search and 42% will even search by zip code?2
  • time really is money? 70% of small business owners cite time (or lack thereof) as the main reason they are unable to manage their own listings on the sites that most consumers use.3
  • 70% of online searches are dominantly looking for local business services and products? Is your website optimized?4




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