Reasons Why You Need Online Reputation Management

  • People increasingly using review sites to make decisions.
  • Monitor what people are saying.
  • Regular interactions on social networks have become vital.
  • Need to be transparent - can no longer hide from criticism.
  • Business reputation will be very prominent in search results.
  • Future job hires will be researching your business.
  • Be Proactive.
Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management Services

Without a strong online reputation, you have nothing.
People are using review sites, like Yelp, much more often to make purchasing decisions and trust online review sites almost as much as a recommendation from someone they know. Rating and review sites have even become part of some consumers every day reading as 39% of consumers say they read online reviews regularly. Coffee, breakfast - reviews!

Facts & Stats:

Online Reputation Management Services

  • Did You Know? ... before making any kind of a purchasing decision, 85% of consumers use the internet to research that purchase first?  1
  • Did You Know? ... online reviews are almost as trustworthy as a personal recommendation with 88% of consumers trusting them as much?  2
  • Did You Know? ... increasing your review rating at online review giant, Yelp by just ONE STAR will help your business earn between a five and nine percent increase in revenue?  3
  • Did You Know? ... 72 out of every 100 consumers polled, said that a positive review about a local business would make them trust that business more?  4
  • Did You Know? ... that a staggering 39% of online consumers read review websites about products and/or companies on a regular basis?  5

People are talking and more people are listening. Be prepared. Social monitoring is a must today as well as a strong online brand management plan. Potential clients, buyers, employers and even job applicants will be researching your name, researching your web reputation. This can sound scary, but if you're a company that consistently does the right thing and maintains a good standing, then the rise in internet reputation can be considered a reward.

Our online reputation management services work hand-in-hand with our social media management services and will monitor your brand daily to make sure your reputation not only remains unharmed, but increases over time.

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