Reasons Why You Need Content Creation

  • Content is King!
  • Incredible SEO value.
  • Increases site traffic and web leads.
  • Gives your visitors a reason to visit, bookmark and share.
  • Allows you to act as an authority on subject matter.
  • Content is reusable - use again as ebook, blog post & more
  • Social impact - more chances to be shared on social sites.
  • Complete brand control.
Content Creation

Content Creation

Content creation can be considered the roots of all your online marketing efforts. With a good content marketing strategy, it can all be cleverly intertwined together making for one overall campaign that can increase your website's traffic tremendously, which should in turn, generate valuable web leads.

Facts & Stats:

Content Creation

  • Did You Know? ... blogging is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your website? Companies that maintain a blog not only add 97% more inbound links to their website, but also enjoy a 55% increase in traffic. 1
  • Did You Know? online content marketing generates three times as many quality leads than traditional marketing methods?  2
  • Did You Know? ... companies that regularly blog can increase their leads by a whopping 67% per month?  2
  • Did You Know? ... 80% of people appreciate learning about a company through custom content  3
  • Did You Know? ... relationships matter to consumers? Companies that use custom content creation as a form of marketing are able to connect with 78% of their visitors and make them perceive that a relationship has formed.  4

There are many forms of content creation that can be used to gain new visitors to your website, from eBooks to white papers, to videos, and podcasts to reviews and infographics. There are many more, but the most advantageous form of fresh content is through blogging. Blogging not only increases the amount of inbound links back to your website, but also increases overall web traffic and generates a significant amount of additional leads.

Our content creation services will make sure your message is clear and personal and does not come off as an advertisement. This can (and will) turn consumers away and once they are gone, it is very difficult to ever lure them back. Consumers genuinely do appreciate learning about your company if the content is right.

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