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JvCreativity is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency located in Greenville, South Carolina that offers a suite of global and local online marketing solutions. We are a creative and technical team that allows our clients to refocus their attention back on running their own business, while being trusted to maintain and manage the ever-growing task of successfully marketing their business online. Combined with our high quality graphic design services and the freedom that your company so badly needs is now just a click or call away.

"All In One"

JvCreativity was formed in 2002 by John Vicino in the hopes of building a complete, 'All In One" creative agency that could satisfy the needs of any request. From thought provoking marketing campaigns to high quality graphic design services, John has remained driven to always supply unique and compelling content to his clients. It is with this same drive and will to succeed that he would begin to assemble a team of creative artists, marketers and developers with different backgrounds and interests, to form what is now the backbone of originality and creativity that has become synonymous with the JvC brand. The capabilities of our artists and developers extend much deeper than meets the eye. If there is something specific that you require, please feel free to contact us with your specific request.


Digital marketing has evolved quite rapidly over the last decade. Brands were still just getting their feet wet ten years ago with first and second generation websites. Online advertising was still affordable and very much a luxury and local internet marketing over a mobile device was still something being sketched up in the future's playbook. It was still very realistic for a business to be able to tend to everyday job related tasks, and not only maintain, but to be able to grow their website at the same time. It wasn't exactly easy - but it was definitely realistic.

Fast forward to today's constantly connected world and the possibility of running that same business while establishing a strong web presence is simply no longer realistic for any company. Online marketing is much more crafted today and is beginning to become a drain on many businesses as they attempt to figure it all out, falling further behind in doing so. Attempting to figure out how to stay relevant and interact with social media properly, or how to send critical and beautifully designed emails to existing and potential clients in a way that increases business. How to stay channeled in and listen to what people are saying about their company on review sites and be able to respond professionally. Or how to keep up to date and trendy while constantly blogging about new topics that will keep visitors coming to their website, or how to make sure their website is strategically designed to display properly on any and every device or how to find a way to beat their competition to the first page on Google and stay there. Attempting to figure out how to do all these tasks in a way that doesn't cost so much time and money - and - find a way to actually run the business they love and built. That's too much to ask of anyone.


Throughout it all, JvCreativity has been there. One by one, as each 'trend' has graduated to 'necessity', JvC has been offering these services to our clients. Our experience and creative core have allowed our clients the freedom of focusing their attention back on their own business growth as we manage all aspects of their digital marketing.

Whether your company is well established or just starting out, experience the freedom of JvCreativity inside and out and never worry about your digital marketing needs again.

Contact Us Today and request a Free Evaluation of your web presence and the services we can offer you and your company.

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